My First Try At Street Photography

We had originally planned to visit the trendy Over The Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, eat dinner, have drinks, and walk around. Unfortunately we only ended up having drinks at one bar and dinner, as we were called back home because our son must have caught a summer stomach bug and was vomiting. So much for a first date night in three months.

I’ve been exploring the concept more of what people call “street photography.” Obviously the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this term is architecture, which Cincinnati has lots of, but it also includes the people that make up an urban area. Both of these are pretty difficult subjects to approach. I have found that architecture is hard to shoot with a mobile phone, mostly because the lighting and zoom are hard to get right, which aren’t easy to get on a camera with a small sensor. You have to just try to frame it right, and then jack around with it in Instagram to see if you can salvage the coloring and brightness.

As far as people, well, I’m not sure people like to be photographed and you probably shouldn’t do it without asking their permission. Of course, if they are in a public space then it’s fair game. I’m a little nervous about trying this though, as I honestly prefer to just float into a situation and out, never making an impression unless I absolutely want to make one. Approaching people out of the blue isn’t something I’m entirely comfortable with beyond exchanging pleasantries, and you have to be willing to do a little more than that if you want to approach them with a camera.

My thinking is that if you want to make this work you’ll need some kind of camera with a sizeable sensor on it, a competent zoom lens, but the camera shouldn’t be so large and bulky that it’s getting in the way or drawing a lot of attention to yourself. There are a few higher end point and shoots that would probably work in the $400 range, but I’m not interested in upgrading to one of those yet. I’ve been looking for one in the $200 range that has a decent zoom, a fast image capture (as fast or faster than my iPhone), WiFi, fits within the palm of my hand, and has a large sensor. Unfortunately it’s just hard to find one with a decent sensor in that range. Most of what I’ve seen in these cameras is a slow shoot time in bright light and a dim picture in lower lighting.

For now I have a few images but will work on this in the future.

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