Picture Expedition: Cincinnati Zoo v3

I remembered to bring my longer lens this time on our trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. Admittedly I was pretty bummed that I forgot to bring it when I visited the Columbus Zoo a few weeks ago but I think I made up for it on this trip.

At first I didn’t feel like many of the animals were active and the heat was going to be a damper, but when I visited the bird house I found a ton of species I’ve never noticed before that were up and at ’em. To be honest, during a lot of past visits I just walked quickly through that part of the zoo, or skipped it altogether, mostly because it stinks pretty bad and my wife doesn’t like birds flying around. However, this time we stopped in and tried to notice all of the birds and their names and I didn’t realize how cool that could be. I also didn’t realize so many birds were considered pigeons either.

Beyond that I have been considering putting together a list of all the animals the Cincinnati Zoo has on exhibit and seeing if I can photograph all of them. I’ve captured quite a few so far and it would be fun as a little side project to get them all, kind of like Pokemon.

Overall this project has made me a more attentive photographer. I wouldn’t say I’ve improved any technically as I still pretty much just shoot and Instagram, but I feel like I’ve improved as far as framing subjects in interesting ways. I also feel this process has encouraged me to be a more prolific photographer, mostly because it helped me work past my self consciousness of holding up a camera all of the time and sharing my pictures.

Sometimes you just have to set aside your fear of how others perceive you and just be your authentic self. If that means lugging around a big camera on a hot day and whooping it up because you caught a great pic of a white handed gibbon swinging across a rope bridge, then so be it. Better to be an interesting person than a dull one who is afraid to take chances and express themselves.



Galapagos Tortoise

California Sea Lion



Angolan Colobus Monkey

Little Penguin


Scarlet Ibis

Pink Backed Pelican

Nicobar Pigeon

Magpie Shrike

Golden Conure

Boat Billed Heron

Thick Billed Parrot

Tri-Colored Heron

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

White Faced Saki

White Handed Gibbon

White Lion


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