Beer Of The Week: Braxton’s Twisted Bit

My third and final go around sampling from Braxton’s Brewery located in Covington Kentucky is the Twisted Bit Dortmunder Lager. Finally, a lager! This lager pours smoothly into a light copper color with a nice lacing to it. The body is clear with nice carbonation and an easy nose on it.

My personal opinion is that they do very well on recreating this style, with a few light touches to make it more unique. The malt is front and center here as is with most lagers but has a noticeable peppery, lightly hopped back end that adds a light bitterness to it that gives it a little dryness. Definitely the first Braxton offering I feel that I’ve had that I would put on the “highly sessionable” list.

5.8% ABV, 30 IBU

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