Asian Carp Found Beyond Electric Barrier, Near Lake Michigan

A lone silver carp was found in the Calumet River, roughly 9 miles away from Lake Michigan and beyond the electric barrier that is supposed to keep the Great Lakes safe from invasion. What’s odd though is that after discovery of this fish, an extensive search was conducted to find additional samples but none turned up. Biologists seem baffled as to why the fish was found downstream of the barrier, but will continue to investigate the issue to see why and how it turned up there.

Asian carp continue to be politicized unfortunately, with multiple parties feeling frustrated that more isn’t being done and what progress that was being made seems to have stalled. A bill was recently introduced to push the Trump administration to release a study done that would help lay out how to combat the march of the invasive species towards the Great Lake by utilizing low head dams as a choke off point. As of this point there doesn’t seem to be much of a chance that it will receive a vote in the House under Ryan, even though Ryan represents a state bordering two of the Great Lakes as industry opposes releasing the report. A report the public has already paid for to have completed.

In this case, it seems like the commercial interests of those upstream are more important than those downstream. When will people realize we all live downstream from each other? Sportsmen should be concerned about these developments, which seem to be happening quicker and quicker. If you ask me, we’ll probably see Asian carp in the Great Lakes at some point. I’m not sure when, but it’s inevitable given the lack of cooperation in this issues that we’re seeing right now.

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