Beer Of The Week: Braxton’s 1957 All Star Ale

My second tasting from Braxton Brewing is the 1957 All Star Ale,  a limited specialty release. Dark caramel in color with a light carbonation, it boasts a fairly meager foam head that fades quickly. Aroma is of stale coffee and caramelized sugar with lots of bread. Overall it has a light taste with little up front that sustains itself with a heroic hazelnut finish.

Mouth feel is very light for being English Style, which is why I guess they added the third “Mild” moniker to it. It has a mild sweetness to it supported by it’s high malt character. Ales aren’t what come to mind for me when thinking about having a refreshing drink while watching a ballgame, I think a nice lager or pilsner would do. However, not a bad drink.

4% ABV 17 IBU

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