Beer Of The Week: Braxton’s Crank Shaft

Braxton’s Crank Shaft is an India Pale Ale brewed out of Covington, Kentucky. It is one of the few microbreweries on this side of the river as opposed to Cincinnati which is on the north end and home to quite a few notable brands. This particular sample has a lacy, foamy head that sustains throughout. A medium to heavy mouth feel is doubled upon by a relaxed, lightly carbonated body that looks cloudy. Color is a nice amber.

Overall it has a nice hop flavor with a little salt taste to it. A hoppy aftertaste lingers from a slightly dry finish. The aromas include grapefruit up front, orange slice and light caramel on the back end with a light aroma of freshly mowed grass and some pine.

6% ABV, 75 IBU


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