Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Summer

Rhinegeist Summer Pale Ale relies solely on a single hop variety known as Australian Summer, aka Au Summer. I tend to prefer single hopped beers because you can really see what the hop is capable of, as opposed to other beers that muddle it with several hops in an attempt to build complexity, when in the end maybe we just want simplicity. That’s not to say that multiple hopped beers aren’t great as some brewers out there have nailed the practice, but simple tastes done right can be powerful.

A bright, somewhat peppery beer, shows a foamy sustaining head with a medium mouth feel. Most hops tend to be citrusy, with this one leaning towards melon. However, there is some malt here which rounds out the flavor somewhat and adds some creaminess to it. Malt choice seems to be 2 Row and wheat. These tend to lend to what some would consider a “biscuit” flavor, aka that freshly baked smell when they come right out of the oven. Overall a good beer.

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