Binge This: Stranger Things

Stranger Things

If you’re like me, you enjoy having something on in the background while you tie flies. I tend to like things I can watch that don’t require my full attention. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Stranger Things. Although it probably doesn’t require you to sit fixedly to the screen watching every detail, you’ll find yourself unable to turn away once you start watching it.

Stranger Things has a lot going on for it. It can be scary, it’s mysterious, and for those of us who were children in the 80’s it is dripping in nostalgia. Add to that a cast of characters you like and the acting chops from Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine and it gets really good. Just the entrance scene alone, with its font that brings back images of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series from way back when coupled with its retro suspenseful theme song, makes you want to dive deep into the story.

So although this month’s binge selection for fly tying may not be the best because it could demand too much of your attention, it is well worth noting its power and to encourage you to try it. Catch it now on Netflix.

See you in the upside down.

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