Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Peach Dodo

Peach Dodo is a Gose Sour Ale from Rhinegeist. The Gose style is one I’ve not come across much and is known as a top fermented beer that relies on malted wheat. As such, it has more in common with an ale or a stout than a Pilsner, although to me this beer looks like a Pilsner. Peach Dodo is a bright beer both in it’s color and taste. It is well carbonated and a bright pale yellow with a clear body. Coming in at a scant 4.0% ABV it is highly sessionable, that is if you like sour beers. I do not.

Yes, I know I just finished trashing the Rhinegeist Panther Porter, but I was honest about it, I don’t like Porters. I also don’t like Sours. I do see a trend though in craft brewing to start aging everything in some kind of barrel or another, which to me is a waste of good beer. But in what is starting to become a crowded marketplace, whatever one can do to compete is understandable. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who like sourness, I am just not one of them. Although I do not believe this was aged in a barrel in order to get its high tangy taste, but is instead a process of fermentation, I am still not a fan.

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