Fly Tying: The Pink Weenie

I finally joined the YouTube generation and uploaded my first fly tying video. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do the traditional written demo with still images or a video, but given that I pay hosting fees, I figured I’d use up Google’s storage space (because it’s free) and just go this route. You’ve probably also noticed that this is the first mention of fly tying on a blog dedicated to it and its close cousin beer drinking in the six months I’ve had the website up, but I’ve not been able to do a quality demo. Unfortunately I spent the winter with a cold that never seemed to go away so every video I shot had me hacking, sneezing, or sniffling. I should also add that I often had a toddler yelling in the background as well.

Given that I had a free afternoon at home to do as I pleased, I took the opportunity and created this video. The Pink Weenie is one of those indispensable flies that you can use on Southeastern trout streams. I took a bunch of trout on it when I fished the delayed harvest waters of North Carolina last week. Tied to resemble the ubiquitous Spirit River Squirmy Worm, the Pink Weenie is a more traditional fly in the sense that no rubber or plastic is used.


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