Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Dad

Rhinegeist Dad has winter written all over it, with its plaid can design and dark aromatic flavorings. A holiday ale, this offering comes in with more hops than what you’d find in most other similar varieties. Pouring in the characteristically smooth Rhinegeist fashion with strong carbonation, this ale also doesn’t have the same type of weight other winter ales have. This becomes even more evident as you realize that this beer only has a 6.0% ABV, which is consistent with the other low ABV Rhinegeist brews.

To be honest, this may be one of my favorite ales, not because it has “Dad” on it and I’m a proud father, but because it’s one of those category benders that I score well. As many of you know, I like hoppy beers more than ales, both because of the flavoring and the weight that ales seem to go to heavy on. Rhinegeist Dad however is a rare sessionable ale as it doesn’t go overboard with ginger and nutmeg that other winter beers do. As such, it becomes easy to drink while hanging out during a family get together and exchanging gifts. One of my favorites and I look forward to it coming out again next season.

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