Beer Of The Week: Rhinegeist Cougar

Rhinegeist Cougar is one of those ubiquitous beers that you’ll find in just about any Cincinnati area grocery store. And to be honest, it should be. Pouring a smooth, clear bright yellow, this Blonde Ale acts like a Pilsner but with more flavor. Foam is not as frothy as others, but has nice lacing. The body is very light and refreshing, with orange and lemon mingling. Some malt flavoring here, but with the moderate carbonation the body remains very light.

Coming in at another sub 5 ABV makes this beer highly sessionable. This is what you would drink at the pool with your friends as it has summer written all over it. Available all year round, it’s also highly pleasurable to drink during the winter as well. This beer is quickly becoming a Cincinnati classic.

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