Beer Of The Week: Stone Still Unapologetic

Stone’s Still Unapologetic IPA is a redo of a collaboration they had between Heretic and Beachwood Brewing. I did not have the opportunity to sample that offering so I’m glad that I do now. This is a one off, so if you see it in your better beer store pick it up.

A Double IPA, this beer utilizes the Chinook and Magnum hop varieties (along with a few others) to create a nicely hopped drink. A fairly clear beer with nice bright colorings pours smoothly with a thin, wispy head that dissolves quickly. Lots of carbonation here though, which belies the non sustaining top, but adds to a light mouth feeling. Taste was what I experienced from the other Stone offerings, which is pine/grapefruit/tropical fruit. I can say at this point I understand the West Coast IPA taste profile. As such, I’m going to close out my forays for now into this brewery and concentrate on some offerings closer to home.

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