Beer Of The Week: Stone 5th Anniversary IPA

This 5th Anniversary IPA, aged half the time of the previous IPA I reviewed last week, definitely came off less heavier and boozier than before. An American Double/Imperial IPA with an 8.50% ABV, this brew was what I’d consider outstanding. Smoother than most IPAs, probably due to the aging, it comes with a nice floral smell, decent carbonation but has a small yet lingering white head. Not a lot of hops here as is the case with most aged IPAs, but you still get that grapefruit and citrus taste. I would add though that there is a lot of malt here which makes it kind of sweet.

A one off, limited production, is probably best for this beer. I wouldn’t say it’s highly sessionable, but rather something you sample so you can see something different that comes from aging. One thing I have learned though is that aging beers changes the flavor of an IPA quite a bit, and in some way robs it of that floral deliciousness that comes from the hopping process. If I were to brew my own, I’d probably skip aging them and concentrate on freshness.

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