Beer Of The Week: 3 Floyd’s Backmasking

Backmasking, from 3 Floyd’s, is a 22 ounce bomber Oatmeal Stout. Backmasking is a great entry into the stout category, giving off a nice roasty smell and a subdued, sweet taste. Visually it is as dark as night, with a lacy caramel foam that lingers. Carbonation isn’t pronounced, but not so little that you’d think it was flat. A little more bitter than what the smell would let on, but not so much that you need a glass of water afterwards. Overall you’ll sense some oak, toast, brown sugar, and toffee. If you don’t like dark beers don’t try it. If you are adventurous enough, give it a whirl. I tend to like dark beers, but stouts make me feel like I got punched in the mouth.

Finally, if you’re puzzled by the name as I was, I will share you what I found. Backmasking is a recorded message that can only be understood when played backwards. Think of all the weird “demonic” verses people attributed to old Beatles and Kiss albums. Cool name and you learned something eh?

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